4 Hot Water Heater Troubles and Repairs

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Water heating utilities are prone to troubles and complications especially because they are used often. However, when hot water heater troubles arise, it is not necessary for homeowners to call for a plumbing professional to do the hot water repair. Signs of troubles will be revealed by the unit and even owners can do the hot water repair on their own with enough background about the unit and experience in repairing hot water problems. For a little help, here are the common water heater troubles and how to repair them:

  1. No hot water at all

The most common hot water heater complaints from many homeowners is that it doesn’t have any hot water at all. Fixing the hot water when this happens depends on the type of water heater you have at home. In the case of a gas water heater, it has a burner at the bottom and you’ll have to check if the burner is turned on. However, electric hot water heaters are obviously powered by electricity and the first thing you should check is the power supply of each water heater type. If the power supply is off, then it would be impossible for the water heater unit to produce hot water.

  1. Not enough hot water

In the case of not enough hot water produced by the heater, it might be because of an undersized hot water storage tank that is not enough for your family. This would cause the unit to run out of water especially on peak seasons where most of the household members use hot water. If you think that is the cause, buying a new water heater tank may be helpful to give the entire household enough hot water to meet their demand. However, if you really have a big household, using a tankless water heater would be wiser because it heats the water when needed. Thus, you’ll never need to wait for the water to be heated in a water heater tank.

  1. Temperature inconsistencies

Another water heater trouble is the temperature inconsistencies of the water produced by the unit causing it to be sometimes too hot and cold. In this case, the first thing homeowners should check is the unit’s thermostat which controls the temperature of the water. It might be because of a broken or defective thermostat which needs to be replaced.

  1. Leaking water heater tank

Another issue is the leaky tank which might cause the water to pool around your unit. This water pooling around the mechanism might cause the system to have a  short circuit and cause explosion. However, the worst part is that leaky tank can no longer be repaired permanently. You can patch the leak up but it can never remove the leak on the tank. The only thing that could repair this is by replacing the entire hot water storage tank with a new one.