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In Australia, the most common cause of sewer pipe leakage or breakage is old earthenware pipes. Some of these pipes were used for more than a century making them vulnerable to various problems. Ground movement can cause the joints of earthenware pipes to crack or break allowing wastewater to leak.

How can trees affect the function of your sewer system?

Trees play a major role in making Sydney a healthy, attractive and sustainable city. However, their roots can grow with increasing concentrations when they come in contact with water, oxygen and other nutrients. Tree roots can penetrate sewer pipes through cracks, especially at the joint area of earthenware pipes. Once the roots will grow inside these pipes, debris from residential or commercial wastes will begin to accumulate leading to a blocked drain.

Here are the warning signs of a blocked drain:

  • Gurgling sounds after flushing the toilet
  • Bad smells coming out from the drain holes
  • Unexplained wetness near the drain areas
  • Water backing up out of a drain

Once you notice some of these signs, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. A blocked drain can cause considerable damage to sewer pipes requiring professional assistance. At Plumber Camperdown, we utilise state-of-the-art technologies in determining or solving your drainage problems. We are offering a new service to repair damaged pipes without the need for expensive digging. This service is called pipe relining.

Pipe relining is a trenchless method for rehabilitating pipes by creating a new interior coating within the damaged pipe. It is a less-disruptive, cost-effective and long-term solution to tree root intrusion. Here are the steps involved in this method:

Step 1 – Televise the sewer line

The drainage problem will be identified and located using a CCTV drain camera.

Step 2 – Clear the line

The sewer line must be cleaned from any debris using a high-pressure water jetting machine. Tree roots can be removed during this stage.

Step 3 – Measuring the pipeline

The length and diameter of the pipe are acquired using a calibration tube.

Step 4 – Preparing the liner

A thermosetting resin is prepared based on the acquired measurements. Then, the resin is impregnated into the liner by rolling it out for several times.

Step 5 – Installing the liner

Once the resin is completely impregnated into the liner, it is loaded into an inverter. This machine is capable of inverting the liner inside out using air pressure. The calibration tube keeps the liner in place as it cures.

Step 6 – Curing the liner

Ambient air is only needed to cure the liner in pipes with smaller diametres. For pipes with larger diametres, steam or hot water will be used to accelerate the curing process.

Step 7 – Quality inspection

To ensure the quality of the pipe relining job, a video inspection will be conducted again. Testing might be performed as well to ensure that the relined pipe is free from leaks.

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